2024 Miss America was crowned by a U.S. Air Force officer.

In Orlando, Florida, on Sunday night, Madison Marsh, a 22-year-old second lieutenant in the United States Air Force and a master’s candidate in the Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy department, emerged victorious in the 2024 Miss America pageant. Marsh is the first active-duty Air Force officer to be awarded the national championship, and he represents the state of Colorado.

The first runner-up was Texas’s Ellie Bracks. [ 2024 Miss America]

There were 51 contestants in all, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the competition. 2024 Miss America

2024 Miss America was crowned by a U.S. Air Force officer.

Three evenings of preparatory events made up the tournament. Before the main event began, the field was reduced to 11 semifinalists: 10 selected by the original judges and one picked by the general public, which included pageant supporters and fans from all throughout the country.

Following that, these 11 women took part in four phases of the competition: a fitness display, a runway walk wearing athleisure embellished with rhinestones, and a hot topic debate round that used diverse talking topics in place of the pageant’s more customary Q&A. Prior to the announcement of the five finalists, there will be a talent show and an evening gown presentation. Sydney Bridges of Indiana came in third, fourth, and fifth place in the final standings, respectively, behind Marsh and Breaks. Mallory Hudson of Kentucky and Carolyn Parente of Rhode Island.

During a rather disorganized round of conversation on issues including nutrition, technology, terrorism, and climate change, Marsh addressed the subject of “drugs in America” by sharing his memories of his late mother’s struggle with pancreatic cancer. He submitted an oral piece in the talent round about becoming a pilot at the age of sixteen.

2024 Miss America was crowned by a U.S. Air Force officer.

One last question concerning the five finalists’ objectives as Miss America was posed to them. In response, Marsh emphasized his military experience as proof of his dedication to studying and leading “with passion.”

She will succeed Wisconsin’s Grace Stanke, the 2023 Miss America.

On Saturday night, Henley House, a 16-year-old from North Carolina, took home the title of 2024 Miss America Teen.

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