Hamas uploads a captive video of a lady who was taken from an Israeli music event.Hamas uploads a captive video of a lady who was taken from an Israeli music event.

Hamas released its roughly 200 detainees for the first time in the film, which was produced by Mia Scheim, 21. He is seen speaking to the camera while getting treatment for a hand injury.

One of the almost 200 hostages captured in Gaza nine days ago when Hamas conducted a cross-border incursion on Israel is depicted in a video of the Mia plot that the terrorist organization published late on Monday.

a video lasting 60 seconds… Ms. Scheim, 21, was seen being treated for a cut above her right elbow in the first footage the organization made public. A guy is seen bandaging her arm as she receives medical attention.

The following pictures show Ms. Scheim, who vanished from the scene of a concert where at least 260 people died. She was speaking straight to the camera in Hebrew.

In a sombre, stern tone, MS. I’m now in Gaza, says Scheme.

He claims that he is receiving care and that a hospital performed a three-hour operation on his hand. His plea to be sent back to Israel is heard towards the end of the video.

I simply want to return as soon as I can to my family, my parents, and my siblings, she adds. “Please get us out of here right away.”

Hamas “is trying to represent itself as a humanitarian group, whereas it is a homicidal terrorist organization, responsible for killing and kidnapping newborns, women, children, and the elderly,” according to a statement from the Israeli military following the publication of the film.

A family acquaintance of the Schemes said that the family had watched the footage and verified the identification of Ms. Schemes. The buddy asked to remain anonymous due to possible harassment. Shem is another way to write the surname.

The information in the video clip, according to an examination by The New York Times, shows that portion of the footage was shot at least six days earlier.

In the wake of the attack, in which more than 1,400 people were murdered, Israeli officials stated on Monday that Hamas had kidnapped 199 individuals, which is roughly 50 more than had been previously believed. Israel’s response has included retaliatory heavy airstrikes and threats of ground invasion in Gaza, the Palestinian region that Hamas now controls. It is hard to objectively verify Hamas‘ assertion that at least some inmates were killed in the strikes.

The day before the attack, on October 6, Ms. Scheem’s mother, Karen Scheem, said last week that she had last talked to her. To commemorate the conclusion of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the family had gathered at their residence in a little village outside of Tel Aviv.

She told me over the phone that she was attending a party in the South “said Keren Scheim. She replied that she wasn’t sure when I asked her where.

Hamas uploads a captive video of a lady who was taken from an Israeli music event.

Just after 7 a.m. the next morning, Keren Scheim’s phone started vibrating with reports of the onslaught, which consisted of a number of attacks on the nearby settlements of the Gaza Strip.

Her calls to her daughter were unanswered, despite her best efforts.

I kept telling myself that since there were so many people at the party, everything was OK.. How likely is it that my daughter was hurt? I tried to remain calm, but I had no idea how serious the attack was. I had trouble believing there had been a slaughter.

She soon learned that Mia had texted “They’re firing at us, come help us” at 7:17 a.m. from one of the party organizers, a friend of her daughter.

What transpired after that is unclear. According to Keren Skeem, a guy at the event reported seeing his daughter heading towards a neighboring kibbutz. Another person informed him that they had seen him in a car that had been shot up by a Hamas shooter.

When Keren Scheme joined two WhatsApp groups for relatives and friends of concertgoers who went missing, she claims to have received threats against her daughter from individuals claiming to be associated with Hamas.

She further said that while her sister had independently posted her phone number online, “someone had contacted her yelling in Arabic.” As of right moment, we don’t answer any calls from unknown numbers.

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