Kona Airport closes due to runway safety issues, leaving hundreds of people stranded and causing airline delays and diversions.

Runway fractures caused Kona Airport to close; it is anticipated to reopen on January 16.

Kona Airport closes due to runway safety issues, leaving hundreds of people stranded and causing airline delays and diversions.

Hawaii’s Kona (News from the Island) — Following the discovery of runway fractures, Kona International Airport (K)A) was forced to close on Monday.

The news was made by transportation officials just after 4:30 p.m. According to officials, the recent rains caused the runway surface deterioration to accelerate and fissures to appear.

In order to restore operations on Tuesday, transportation authorities said they are collaborating with contractors to mill and resurface a 10′ by 10′ section.

According to a Monday night update from authorities, the resurfacing is expected to be finished by Tuesday, January 16, when the runway may reopen.

Because to the circumstances at KOA, at least one inter-island aircraft from Honolulu to Kona was rerouted to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

To view the current flight status at KOA, tap this link.

The following statement on the circumstances was released by the office of Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth:

In order to uncover answers, the County of Hawaii is working internally as well as with partners at the state and federal levels to solve issues at Kona Airport. Ensuring the safety of guests and returning residents is our first concern. We hope to engage our congressional delegation and look into local resources next week in order to keep travel to our coasts accessible.

Transportation authorities stated in a statement shortly before 5:30 p.m. that they are assessing the length of the useable runway and will give the data to airline operators so they can decide how to restore the runway while preventing aircraft from flying over the damaged sections. Additionally, HDOT is collaborating with contractors to resurface and mill the impacted area.

There are 3,450 acres of land at Kona International Airport in Keahole (KOA), according to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) website. The airport handles general aviation, commuter/air taxi, domestic, international, and inter-island flights.

According to the DOT website, KOA features an 11,000-foot runway and a complex of buildings near the eastern border of the airfield for general aviation operations, air freight and mail, arriving and leaving passengers, and airport support.

According to authorities, the HDOT plans to rebuild the whole 11,000-foot runway this year. Before leaving for the airport, travelers are advised to verify with their airline.

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