LCK CL’s peak viewership record is broken by Reckless in his T1 Esports Academy debut.

The LCK Challengers League’s 2024 season began on January 15 with the Spring Split in Seoul’s WDG Esports Studio. Riot Games should take heart from the fact that, even after breaking a record at the 2023 World Championships, the fans’ enthusiasm did not wain, as the event established a new record for popularity in the series within the first few games.

A $60.9 K prize fund will be split amongst the development teams of the best League of Legends teams in South Korea. There are two phases to the competition: the group stage and the playoffs, with the top six players moving on to the latter. Additionally, the top two finishers in the East advance to the Upper Bracket Semifinals with a bye. All knockout matches follow a best-of-five, single-elimination format.

LCK CL's peak viewership record is broken by Reckless in his T1 Esports Academy debut.

On the first day of the group stage, eight teams competed, and the winners of the matches were KT Rolster Challengers, Fearx Youth, HLE Challengers, and Nongshim Academy. Nonetheless, the match between T1 Esports Academy and Freaks Challengers on the second day was the first to record 159K peak viewers, leading the series.


The fact that there was a 315% rise over the previous record holder, LCK CL Summer 2023, indicates how popular this special edition was in the new year. It’s been an exciting start to the season for this regional league; in fact, the second most popular match (HLE Challengers vs. Dplus Challengers) beat the previous mark by 10%.

LCK CL's peak viewership record is broken by Reckless in his T1 Esports Academy debut.

The academy team’s promotion for the first game of the LCK CL Spring 2024 season was due to Rekkals’ debut. Suede’s first game after switching from ADC was the game for which he had been prepared for more than a year, confirming rumors that he would play a supporting position.

It is important to keep in mind that the European LOL legend was a star for Fnatic, winning several titles in the LEC. Nevertheless, he has been losing the world championship to opponents all the time, and his form has been deteriorating recently. They may become even more fascinated by joining T1 and maybe playing with players like Faker, who might elevate an already formidable squad to new heights.

Speaking of Faker, he will participate in LCK Spring 2024, which gets underway on January 17 and marks the formal start of South Korea’s premier league. Ten of the top teams in the nation will fight in this S-Tier LOL tournament for a $282.5 K prize pool and two seats in the Mid-Season Invitational 2024. On the eSports chart, readers can keep up with this competition and a host of other issues.

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