Review: Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Karam” concludes on the first day, and the movie is also rejected by the audience

Mahesh Babu, the superstar of Telugu, released zero music in the previous year. His film ‘Guntur Karam’ has hit theaters in the new year. However, the level of enthusiasm that the audience exhibited prior to the film’s debut has not been seen following its release. Sarkaru Vaari Paata, Mahesh Babu’s Telugu film, was released in 2022. Mahesh Babu collaborated with Trivikram Srinivas, the film’s writer-director, concurrently after a 14-year break. Director Trivikram Srinivas collaborated with Mahesh Babu for the 2010 film “Khaleja.” The film ‘Guntur Karam’ does not showcase Mahesh Babu’s rapport with the director.

Guntur Karam - Pictured in Mumbai by Amar Ujala Bureau
 Mahesh Babu

Guntur Karam‘ opens with a flashback. After Veera Venkata Raman’s mother, Vasundhara, moves to Hyderabad, her father, Satyam, is imprisoned for a murder. After growing up in his home village, Veera Venkata Raman pursued a career in the chilli industry. Following her arrival in Hyderabad, Vasundhara follows her father’s advice and enters politics, rising to the position of law minister. After serving his time in prison, Satyam dislikes socializing with new people. Veera Venkata Raman is requested by Vasundhara’s family to sign a document severing all connections with her mother. In order to allow Vasundhara’s son from her second marriage to inherit politics, the action is intended to deprive her of her status as a legal heir.

Trivikram Srinivas is the director of the film. The entire game was ruined by the film’s shoddy writing and storyline. The mother and son’s emotional exchanges did not transpire as planned. As a result, the audience was unable to emotionally engage with the movie. After seeing the movie, it appears like Trivikram Srinivas gave his character all of the attention in an attempt to appease Mahesh Babu. This appears to be the largest error made by the filmmaker. The movie loses punch as the plot develops. South Korean films are known for their intense focus on action sequences; nevertheless, the picture may have been improved if the same level of effort had been put into the writing and story.

In the movie, Mahesh Babu portrays the main character. The fact that his action avatar in the movie uses a body double makes it acceptable. However, Mahesh Babu is a terrible actor in every scenario. Additionally, his jugalbandi with Sree Leela is not seen in the movie. This movie is not particularly noteworthy. Although Ramya Krishnan, who plays Venkat Raman’s mother Vasundhara, does a fantastic job in the movie, it also seems that she is still stuck with the Sivagami Devi character from “Baahubali.”

Prakash Raj portrays Venkata Swamy, Jagapathi Babu portrays Marx, Murali Sharma portrays Panni, Sree Leela’s father, and Sunil portrays Lenin, Marx’s brother. These seasoned actors may have produced even greater work, but Trivikram Srinivas, the film’s writer and director, appears to have made a serious error as well. Good cinematography is done by Manoj Paramahamsa. Although Naveen Nooli, the film’s editor, was allowed to cut out scenes that weren’t needed, he didn’t succeed in this instance either. The music of Thaman S is really noisy.

Review: Mahesh Babu’s

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