What comes next for the Cowboys following a humbling loss to the Packers under Dak Prescott?

After Dallas’ 48-32 loss to Green Bay in the playoffs, Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz commented, raising questions about the team’s future. Cowboys

What comes next for the Cowboys following a humbling loss to the Packers under Dak Prescott?

Jason Fitz transcribed this video: In Dallas, the Cowboys were utterly demolished by the Packers. That raises the question, “What comes next?” For the Packers, that’s an easy response now. They will now play San Francisco, the first seed in the NFC, in the playoffs.

And what follows, maybe more crucially? Jordan Love appears to be making more progress toward the standard quarterback position. Furthermore, their new weapons are far more effective than anyone had anticipated. The Packers appear to have a promising future.

When we start discussing the Cowboys side, things get more complicated. It’s clear that Dak Prescott performed poorly in this football game. It was getting harder for them to see the ground. The strategy was flawed from the beginning. They were unable to figure out how to carry on with the game. Furthermore, the play calling appeared unsatisfactory.

Now you have to look at Mike McCarthy when you discuss it in relation to play calling. Almost instantly, the photo of Jerry Jones observing someone entering the owner’s apartment became viral. Since everyone will be watching Jones and what he believes should happen next

You’re talking about an offense that topped the league in points scored but faltered during the postseason. You’re talking about an offense that has been outstanding all season long, but it showed absolutely nothing in the postseason. You’re also discussing a defense that this year showed promise on that side of the ball at various points. Furthermore, there are rumors that Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator, is well-liked in influential coaching circles.

However, we have seen again this year that the defense is run-sensitive. What else. And then we caught sight of him once again. One must worry how this loss—not just a loss, but a devastating setback—will impact Dan Quinn’s candidacies for head coach. This would impact the organization’s view of Mike McCarthy as quarterback and Jerry Jones’ assessment of him as head coach.

Eventually, anything you do during the regular season won’t matter. Whether it’s accurate or not, your performance in the postseason will ultimately determine how you rank. In addition, although the Cowboys’ playoff choice was tough, it was the right one. You’ll be curious about what will happen next and if it will affect the future. However, one thing about which you don’t need to ponder is cowboys. We will therefore discuss that.

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