Dating Kanye West, according to Julia Fox, was like having a second child. There is too much

“I think she needed a full-time person in the end, and I couldn’t be full-time,” the speaker said.

According to a recent interview with Julia Fox, dating Kanye West was like having a second kid. Now, the 33-year-old actress has admitted to Julia Barrymore that she was aware that their romance would not endure. After meeting in Miami in 2022, Julia and Kanye split up a month later.

According to Us Weekly, Julia Fox added, “I could only do it for so long because I think she needed a full-time person ultimately, and I couldn’t be full-time.” I got a pair of AirPods so I could carry them with me while I was doing motherly things after I had my kid (Valentino), and he wanted to do a lot of things on the phone, like change diapers. Simply put, it was so unstable and overpowering.

Julia Fox said that, despite their romance, her top focus was her kid. She and her ex-husband, Peter Artemyev, lived in Valentino.

Dating Kanye West, according to Julia Fox, was like having a second child. There is too much

Finally, Fox told Barrymore, 48, “I can’t put anyone else first.”

“My priority is my son. That got excessive. I never intended to have two children. I was unable to accomplish it. Like having two children, that is.

Julia admitted that she had assumed their connection would remain private. Since you frequently date famous people who lead extremely private lives and ask that you not display their photo in the restroom, when I first met him, I truly thought that no one would ever learn about it. I was so convinced it would be a closely-kept secret. As I had not anticipated it in the least, it wasn’t me when it unexpectedly spilled, but I ultimately accepted it.Kanye was going through a divorce from Kim Kardashian at the time of his brief relationship with Julia Fox. Kanye reportedly enjoyed seeing his name in the news, according to Julia Fox.

He wanted me to mature.

He acted as though he was delighted that I was receiving so much press, said Julia Fox.

“That’s all there is. He becomes much more consumed with his vision when he has one for someone; it nearly takes on the status of his small project or miniature masterpiece.

She isn’t dating right now. “I’ve made promises to guys, too. Just don’t fix it if it’s not broken, in my opinion. “She spoke.

In November 2022, Kanye and Kim officially divorced; a month later, he reportedly wed Bianca Sensori.

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