This is a recap of UFC 294: Alex Volkanovski was defeated by Islam Makhachev with a devastating head kick, while Usman was defeated by Chimaev.

Islam Makhachev knocked out featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski with a head kick at 3:06 in the first round, putting an end to any debate about their competition, then finished the fight with ground-and-pound to win the lightweight championship. In the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UFC 294 is held.

At UFC 284 in February, Makhachev defeated Volkanovski, and when former champion Charles Oliveira had to reduce his preparation and was knocked out, a rematch was scheduled. On an 11-day notice, Volkanovski engaged in combat.

The entire time, Makhachev was in charge and didn’t need to use his wrestling prowess to overcome the opponent who represented the greatest challenge of his career.

Volkanovski was seeking to become just the fifth man overall and the fourth guy in UFC history to simultaneously hold two weight class belts. He seized the chance to rematch Makhachev because he believed he deserved to win the UFC 284 decision.

This individual deserves my gratitude, Makhachev stated.

“I warned you that in order to defeat this man, you must turn out the lights. He plans to take part in each of the five rounds.. Never will he give up. He truly is a champion.”

Volkanovski expressed his admiration for Makhachev’s excellent knockout setup and expressed his hope that he would be able to challenge Ilia Topuria at featherweight in January. His right eyebrow has a significant wound that could prevent him from making a quick return.

Before the bout, Makhachev was on fire because he believed he had won the first time by a wide margin and because Volkanovski was receiving acclaim for agreeing to the fight on short notice.

On Saturday, he demonstrated that he is a more skilled and competent fighter. Volkanovski was on top of the guard when he moved to the body to set it up and then went up.

Volkanovski stumbled back into the cage when the kick struck the top of his head. Makhachev swiftly jumped on top of him and began to pound. As referee Mark Goddard intervened to halt it, a ferocious celebration ensued.

One of the best UFC fighters of all time, not only in the present, is Kamaru Usman. Yet on Saturday, in the middleweight contest that served as the co-main event of UFC 294 at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, he could manage very little against Khamzat Chimaev, who was proficient in grappling, striking, and striking defense.

With scores of 29-27 and 28-28, Chimaev twice defeated former welterweight champion Usman. Chimaev was beaten by Yahoo Sports 29–27.

This is a recap of UFC 294: Alex Volkanovski was defeated by Islam Makhachev with a devastating head kick, while Usman was defeated by Chimaev.

Chimaev defeated Usman early in the round and essentially had him under control for the remainder of the round to earn a 10-8 victory. While she was never victorious, she backed Osman and coerced him into compliance while stopping him from performing his crime.

Usman used strikes to win the second round, but he never really got going. Chimaev, who had a reputation for charging out of his corner and battling furiously in his past UFC matches, was much more composed and deliberate this time.

It almost seems as though he let off in the second round, allowing Usman—who won the fight on 11 days’ notice—to reenter the fray.

Chimaev wrestled till the third day, when he dominated Usman for the majority of the second round.

Chimaev began by asking for global peace and discussing how sad it made him to watch children die. Next, he shifted his focus to Usman and his instructors, Trevor Wittman and Henry Hooft, and commended both of them for their desire to take the fight and their fighter abilities. Paulo Costa exited the vehicle.

He then acknowledged the assistance of UFC CEO Dana White and UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell. He claimed that without him, he would have been forced to live in a tiny room that measured just 2 by 2 meters.

The next time, he’ll compete for the title, and if he succeeds, he’ll be allowed to purchase the largest mansion he desires.

A prohibited knee does not lead to a lackluster performance.

The fight between No. 2 Magomed Ankalaev and No. 7 Johnny Walker at light heavyweight was hotly anticipated in the opening rounds, but things didn’t go as planned.

Walker dropped to his knees with his back to the cage after missing a flying knee. Walker attempted to get out of the way of the choke, but Ankalaev threw a couple punches that struck him in the face. Walker guarded his back by leaning against the cage as Ankalaev attempted to sneak behind him and grasp it.

Walker was a downed opponent, thus Ankalaev had to let up the choke and hit a knee, which was obviously against the rules. In order to check on Walker, referee Dan Movahedi halted the match and dispatched Dr. Gary Hartstein to the ringside.

Walker remained silent when he explicitly questioned what nation he was in. After asking Walker which round it was, Walker remained silent.

Walker wasn’t qualified to continue at that moment, Hartstein told Movahedi. Later, Modi refuted this.

Dana White, the CEO of the UFC, was forced into the cage after the competitors attempted to overpower one another after the stoppage. White said to Walker, “We’ll work it out,” in regard to the unfortunate conclusion.

If they both are fit and have a chance to recuperate from the added weight, the bout will probably be held again.

Varly Alves was defeated by Ikram Aliskerov in a technical knockout.

Ikram Aliskerov, who has established himself as one of the most lethal middleweights in the world, strengthened his reputation by beating Warlley Alves on Saturday.

Aliskerov comfortably defeated Alves by first-round knockout at 2:07 because he possesses all the criteria necessary to be a true middleweight contender.

Alves was knocked out by a strike from Aliskerov that caused the Brazilian to flee back into the cage. A flying knee from Aliskerov knocked Alves out as soon as he regained his footing. Aliskerov struck Alves until the referee intervened after he collapsed in front of the cage.

For a man whose sole loss came at the hands of Chimaev in 2019, it was an amazing performance.

“I try to finish early every time.”

I’ve already finished someone in the first round twice before. I’m trying to find one of the top 10.

Muin Gafurov was defeated by Nurmagomedov in the main card opener in 73 seconds, showcasing one of the finest guillotines in the UFC. Gafurov chased Nurmagomedov, who was spinning and attempting to get away, and unleashed a left hook and a right hand.

Gafurov’s head was buried in Nurmagomedov’s chest when he threw to the right. He put a halt to the guillotine, and Gafurov quickly tapped in. Yet since it happened so rapidly, referee Mark Goddard didn’t notice the tap right away.

Before Goddard separated them, Nurmagomedov believed Gafurov had gone outside and released the choke.

In UFC 270, he put Cody Stamann out with a guillotine in just 47 seconds.

Muhammad Makhachev establishes himself as a contender at flyweight

In his Saturday UFC matchup with No. 10 Tim Elliott, Muhammad Mokaev had a perfect record. The 23-year-old was completely in charge throughout, and at 3:03 of the third round, he submitted Tim Elliott via the arm-triangle submission to establish himself as a contender in a crowded division.

Mokaev grabbed Elliott as they got close to the cage and smashed him. He changed his weight while in the air such that it rose. He then quickly grabbed Elliott by the triangle of his arms. Eliot didn’t take long to take advantage of his servitude.

Mokaev fought with remarkable commitment the entire time. Elliott twice put him in guillotine chokes that looked to be quite deep, but Mokaev persisted and managed to free himself.

In particular, Kai Kara-France was identified as the next opponent he wished to face in the top 10. But, when questioned about it, they claimed they couldn’t care less and only wanted someone to be placed over them.

But right away he shifted the subject.

Don’t think about that. He added as he anxiously pondered his future opponent, “Forget about him.. “I only wish to spread peace throughout the world. Be safe, my brothers and sisters in Palestine. every person. My young brothers, kids, and women, please be careful. I only wish to spread peace throughout the world.

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