Ron DeSantis embraced Trump and withdrew from the presidential contest.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has backed Donald Trump and withdrew from the 2024 presidential contest.

Ron DeSantis embraced Trump and withdrew from the presidential contest.

He resigned from his position prior to the New Hampshire Republican primary, in which he was receiving single-digit polling.

Formerly seen as a formidable candidate for the party’s nomination, Ron DeSantis declared on Sunday that he had “no clear path to victory.”

The last challenger of Mr. Trump, Nikki Haley, declared herself the “only one” who could beat US President Joe Biden.

Tuesday’s battle in New Hampshire between Ms. Haley and Mr. Trump is the second in a series of state-by-state races to choose the Republican nominee for the general election in November.

The video lasts for almost five minutes.

He concluded his seven-month campaign by saying, “If there’s anything I can do to bring about a favorable outcome—more campaign stops, more interviews—I’ll do it.””

The governor of Florida announced his support for Mr. Trump, who is unquestionably the front-runner, having won the first race in Iowa with 51% of the vote. It’s evident, according to Ron DeSantis, that the majority of Republican voters “want to give Donald Trump another chance.”

Though he conceded that he and the former president had differences, he asserted that Mr. Trump was better than Mr. Biden, who is nearly expected to be the Democratic nominee in November’s general election.

Ron DeSantis declared, “I have promised to support the Republican nominee, and I will do so.”

When Mr. Trump spoke for the first time on Sunday afternoon in a gathering full of supporters on Ron DeSanti’s return and endorsement, there were thunderous applause.

Subsequently, at a rally speech, Mr. Trump called his erstwhile opponent “a really great guy,” and said, “He ran a really good campaign, it’s not easy.”

Ron DeSantis has positioned himself as the Republican nominee who could seamlessly implement Mr. Trump’s populist policies without causing any disruption or difficulty.

However, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, one of the event speakers, referred to him as “Diet Trump.” Several of Mr. Trump’s followers also told the BBC that while they thought the governor of Florida was a good choice, the moment was not right for him.

The 60-year-old Lynne Mason expressed her expectation that Ron DeSantis would do better in the campaign, calling it “a little weak.” He declared that Mr. Trump “is the only person who can save this country right now.”

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