Sana Javed, an actress from Pakistan, is Shoaib Malik’s wife.

Photos from the actor’s wedding were posted on social media by Shoaib Malik, along with the statement, “And we made you in pairs.”

Sana Javed, an actress from Pakistan, is Shoaib Malik's wife.

Shoaib Malik, a cricket player from Pakistan, married Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. Malik announced the news on social media on Saturday. Pictures from their wedding ceremony are posted, along with the statement, “And we made you in pairs.”

Before the former Pakistani captain fueled rumors of Malik dating Javed by wishing the actress a happy birthday last year and sending a photo of the two with her birthday greeting, there had been rumors of the two being together for a while.

Even after the adorable Afzal actress faced backlash for her reported disrespectful actions against juniors and makeup artists on the sets, 41-year-old Javed came out in defense of her. Having worked with Sana Javed on several occasions and knowing her for a considerable amount of time, I can only speak from personal experience when I say that she has always been kind and modest to myself and everyone around us.returned the tweet in March 2022.

On both sides of the border, Malik’s wedding post was unexpected given the rumors of his divorce with Mirza. Following a traditional Muslim ceremony in Hyderabad in 2010, the couple celebrated their marriage with a valima ceremony in Sialkot, Pakistan. Izhaan, Malik and Mirza’s kid, was also born in 2018.

The breakdown in their relationship is said to have occurred in the first half of 2021, despite the fact that the exact cause of the breakup is unknown. Based on their social media activity, Sania and Shoaib will be frequent Instagram users, sharing images and videos on a regular basis. Together, they are seeing the world and taking pictures of their infant on Dubai’s beaches. But as time went on, their social media mobility decreased. Sania and Shoaib were said to be working together on a TV program last year. The project, The Mirza Malik program presented by Spotify, had the two hosting a number of celebrities in 40-minute segments.

Sania had earlier on Wednesday sparked rumors about her divorce from Malik with a mysterious picture she uploaded on her Instagram account. He stated in his post, “Marriage is challenging.” Divorce is not easy. Make the tough decision. Obesity is challenging. Maintaining fitness is difficult. Make the tough decision. Having debt is difficult. It’s challenging to maintain financial stability. Make the tough decision. It’s hard to communicate. It’s challenging to speak. Make the tough decision. There will never be an easy life. It’s going to be challenging forever. But hard labor is something we can select. Make an informed choice.”

Is this the third marriage for Shoaib Malik?

Sana Javed, an actress from Pakistan, is Shoaib Malik's wife.

This is Malik’s second marriage, according to records. However, the cricket player disputed it. Malik was supposedly married to Ayesha Siddiqui before marrying Sania. Malik was charged with being married at his marriage ceremony to Mirza. On national television, Ayesha, her family, and her sister Maha brought up the matter. Malik acknowledged that the Aisha chapter as a whole was a complete fabrication.

Early in 2000, the two spoke on the phone, with Ayesha identifying as a Shoaib admirer. As their conversation increased, Malik admitted that they were beginning to feel something for one another. However, Ayesha would never be accessible when Shoaib wanted to meet her. When Malik traveled to Hyderabad in 2002 to visit her, Ayesha informed him that he needed to leave for Saudi Arabia right away. He was informed that Ayesha would need to travel to the United States three years later, the day before he was to meet Malik and his family.

While Ayesh had preferred that Malik execute the ‘nikah’ over the phone, the cricket player refused, insisting instead on a formal ceremony that relatives could attend. The female he was speaking to and the girl whose images he viewed turned out to be two different people. The narrative did not end there, however, since Malik had also served his father, MA Siddiqui, with a legal notice. Ayesha accused Shoaib of being involved in an “intimate relationship” and made harsh accusations against him. Additionally, she stated that she miscarried from her pregnancy at one point during her “marriage. “

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